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Day 4 - Family Playground Rules

Some times there are playground rules posted when you get to one, but many times there are not any around. Having family playground rules that your kids can know, no matter what playground they are at or what adults are watching them, can help everyone feel better about spending hours of fun on playgrounds. So today or this week we encourage you to sit down as a family and come up with your family playground rules.

You can also watch Please Play Safe! Penguins Guide to Playground Safety book to get some ideas that might help create your family playground rules. 

Click the picture to the graphic to download a PDF.  

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Day 3 - I wear Purple For...

Today we want you to wear purple, as much as you can! Obviously we all wear purple for Macie but we also wear purple to bring awareness to playground safety, to make sure that no other family has to go through this. 


We would love for you to wear purple and print out our “We Wear Purple For” sign. On these signs you can write the names of those that make playground safety a priority to you. It could be your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews, friends' kids, your students ect. We would love it if you would take a picture of you wearing your purple and holding up the sign and share it with your family and friends to help start a conversation about playground safety. 


Click on the picture below to download a PDF version. There is also a digital only version on our FB & IG Stories.

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Day 2 - Coloring Pages

Print out one or both of our window coloring pages, have fun coloring and then put it in your window to share your support for Playground Safety Week. You could also take a colored one to a local business that might be willing to put it in their store window for the week. Click the image below to download a PDF to print. 

Playground Safety Week (1).png
Playground Safety Week.png
Day 1 - Playground Report Card

The National Program for Playground Safety recommends their own checklist version to help with this task CLICK HERE to download it.

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