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We carry Macie in our HEARTS and want to share her spirit and love with the world. We started a Facebook group where people share the places that they have taken Macie. She has been around the world and so many people have heard her story. We are eternally grateful for all of those who have shared Macie with the world. 

If you would like to join in the Hearts for Macie Project click the pink link under the title. You will need to be on Facebook to join.

Here is How it Works

 - Please keep a HEART for yourself,

- Share a HEART with someone you know,

- Leave a HEART behind, so Macie can continue to see the world.

- Take a photo (say “Popsicle Pickle!”) and share it on our Facebook group HEARTS for Macie.

- Use #'s #MacieMouseForever3 & #MacieGraceFoundation

You can request just a few hearts once you join the Facebook group or if you would like a whole bag you can grab one on Amazon. We are looking for a new printer for our post cards. As soon as we have one we will link it here. 

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