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We are working on ways to help the community to become more aware of playground safety and what what you can do if you see something. We are working on creating "Action Packs" to help you share Macie's story with other parents, school, churches and city leaders. We are also working to have "MGF Kits” to be used to talk with your students, scout troop or children about playground safety. 

Two of our long term goals are to have grants made available to schools, churches and day care centers to help make sure the correct ground cover is in place. We also would love to build a purple playground in honor of Macie.   

Macie's Matching Fundraiser

In 2020 we started our “Macie’s Matching Fundraisers” program. We know that it takes money to make playgrounds safe and keep them that way. We are still a relatively new and small organization but we have a passionate group of followers and the ability to shine a light on playgrounds that need help.


With this program we will work to help raise funds for playgrounds that are doing fundraisers to bring their playgrounds up to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Public Playground Safety Handbook.

We will ask those that find playgroup safety a priority and able to, to donate to the cause and then the foundation will match what is raised to a certain amount.


Donations will be made to the foundation and then at the end of the time period the foundation will send a check for the total raised plus the matching amount. 

We try to run at least two MMF a year. In May of 2021 we were able to send a check for over $7,000 to Pollock Pines California to help raise funds for the enhancement of the Forebay Community Park. We were blown away by the support of our community and look forward to our next one. 

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