Macie's Matching Fundraiser

In 2020 we started our “Macie’s Matching Fundraisers” program. We know that it takes money to make playgrounds safe and keep them that way. We are still a relatively new and small organization but we have a passionate group of followers and the ability to shine a light on playgrounds that need help.


With this program we will work to help raise funds for playgrounds that are doing fundraisers to bring their playgrounds up to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Public Playground Safety Handbook.

We will ask those that find playgroup safety a priority and able to, to donate to the cause and then the foundation will match what is raised to a certain amount.


Donations will be made to the foundation and then at the end of the time period the foundation will send a check for the total raised plus the matching amount. 

Current MMF - Pollock Pines Playground

Currently there is NO public playground in Pollock Pines California, so we want to help change that. A group of citizens have come together for the enhancement of Forebay Community Park to add TWO all inclusive playgrounds to the area. They have been working for years and are well on their way to make it happen. This will be a very expensive project and will take some time to complete, but one that we fully believe is needed for the children of the community.


In honor of Macie's 6th birthday we are launching this new MMF with a goal of raising $3,000 that the foundation will match, making the total donation $6,000! How cool would that be, $6,000 for Macie's 6th birthday! All donation that are given between now and the end of Playground Safeway Week, April 30th, will go to this.


With your assistance, they will be able to provide many safety measures when building their playground:

  • New fall surface that's safe and inviting

  • New swings to build coordination and strength

  • New climbing towers to give thrill and vantage point

  • New improvements alongside that can assist with this park becoming a destination


If you can’t donate at this time we would love for you to share this fundraiser so we can reach as many people as possible to help build Pollock Pines 1st playground. Also if you think that your company might be interests we have a template letter ready for you to send them. Just click here.